10 Decoration in Bathrooms

10 Decoration in Bathrooms – When we started to decorate our house for the first time one of the spaces that makes us more excited is the bathroom. This time let’s put aside the typical elements and necessary as the shower or bath, toilets or sinks and we focus on small details. Mirrors, furniture sink, towel racks, coat racks, play toothbrushes or even vases are some of the thousand and one accessories with which t – o clothe space. Classic, vintage, futuristic or minimalist, which one do you prefer?

If your life is full of color do not hesitate to have all the colors of the rainbow to give joy and vibrancy to your bathroom. Bet on the glass carefully for young children at home, and you get a touch of very cute and stylish. We invite you to visit the website The Mediterranean, a Valencian company dedicated exclusively to the glass and where you will see, among other decorations, their bets by the bright colors for the bathroom accessories. His collection Urbe Fresh is an ode to the joy personified. Oranges, greens, eggplant or yellow for soap dishes, jars, vases and lamps. Everything a burst of color that will give your bathroom vitality and joy in abundance.


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If your tiles and floors are white bet some splashes of color and why not with a sense of humor. Eg How about a cover for the toilet decorated with drops of water, rays or butterflies? The house provides a home space very original variety so that you avoid the bathrooms boring. If music is your thing be sure to see the covers that mimic acoustic guitars, electric or pianos. All with impeccable finish and quality improvement.

Summer comes and with it the dreaded ‘Operation Bikini’. And so one of the elements that can not miss in your bathrooms is a scale. The market also offers a wide range going from the simplest to the most original or which are equipped with the latest technology with LED screens. And although it does not seem there are any that can be a nice decoration for your bathroom. In any center El Corte Ingles will see the wide variety of models and of course price.

If yours are not gaudy and perhaps your style is more romantic commitment vintage decor to your bathroom. A mixture of classic and romantic styles you can incorporate some modern air without losing the original essence. The old wood is a good material to achieve this type of decoration. Commitment to dress the walls with large paintings with wooden frames, towel with nice towels with nails or occasional marble figure in the corner of your bathtub. Glass bottles antique silver small applications or ceramic vases that you can decorate with a rib of Adam, a floor of a beautiful bright green and that fits perfectly in the bathrooms or elegant Fitonia. But if there is something you can not miss in this room are the mirrors. Ideally, they are old but if it can not be that at least look like candy. This decantarte please those with wooden frame and if it can be white, the better. The rococo mirrors with gold or silver colors are a good bet for your delicate bathroom.


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