Adjust the Lighting in the Reading Room

Lighting in the Reading Room – Family members are often busy with activities outside the home but they also conduct their activities within the home, including work activities and reading. For comfort while reading, then takes the appropriate artificial lighting.

Lighting is an important factor in the activity of reading, at least four factors related to the setting of artificial lighting. Four factors are patterns of activity, light color, light direction and laying down the lights, as well as user. it is important to note, especially in regulating the lighting in the workspace, for the sake of convenience at work and reading.

The first factor, each type of activity will affect the number of lights used their siting. Different activities require different light intensities. For example, the working space in the living room, then add the standing lamp in the corner of the workspace. In addition to the main lights that illuminate the whole family room.

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The second factor, there are two kinds of color and light that is lamp incandescent lamp to glow. Each has a different light or light. Colors is what will affect your comfort while in a room. Both incandescent lamps are used for work space, the colors give the feel of warmth and good effects to the eyes.

The third factor, the direction of light beams and laying an important factor in the arrangement of lights. Position the lamp should be regulated so that light can hit the objects exposed to its rays. For the study, where the reading light is ideally located between an angle of 30 degrees and 60 degrees from the surface reading.

The fourth factor, related to the user’s age. That is, the older the age of man, the higher the light intensity requirements. Pupils catch the light sensitivity will decrease with increasing age. Therefore, keep the intensity of light used in the work space tailored to the age of users.

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