Beautiful Garden design for small gardens in our exterior

Garden design for small gardens will make our unused lawn or exterior feel much more effective and also used. Yes, sometimes, people this day neglect to take care of their exterior and focused more on making their own home interior feel perfect and stylish.

This is a wrong decision after all as the exterior of our own home is as important as the interior of our home. The reason of why exterior is important is because it is the first thing that people see in our house overall before they see our interior which means it made up their first impression of our home.


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How to make a good garden design with small garden space

By knowing the importance of the exterior or the garden itself we can come to a conclusion that it is important to know how to decorate our garden. There are several things that we need to know before us going to decorate and change our garden.

First of all we can choose from different kinds of theme. There are western theme which is focused more on a western type decoration and there are oriental theme which is focused more on eastern style decoration with these two different theme we can make a unique and also stylish exterior design for our home.



For the western style themed gardens, it is very preferred to have some flower bed in the forms of one types of flowers in one place while the other offer different flowers. This will make the garden feels unique and also lovely.

For more interesting design you can apply several western style decoration such as gnome statue and also some desk and chairs. For the oriental garden on the other hand, giving it a small pond with some flowery bed will make the garden looks alive and also stylish. Additionally if you want you can also try to make some small bridge on the pond to give more eastern looks.

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