Boys Room Decor Ideas in a Specific Way

Boys Room Decor Ideas – It is possible to make a boy’s room classy or fun. You can choose an undersea theme that involves images of submarines, sharks, pirates, treasure chests, and fish as well. No doubts that adventure as well as science are considered to be one of the favorite themes of any boy.


A Blue Backdrop

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Blue is a perfect color for an ocean themed room, so you can try it on the walls. In case there is a necessity to add more texture and depth to the walls, one can try to sponge different shades of light green, blue and aqua in order to feel as you are in the ocean. To enhance the effect, one should add the lightest blue onto the ceiling.


Fishes on the Walls

Mural painting is adored by children, moreover, they are regarded as great visual features. You are able to paint shells, coral and fish onto the walls. One can also paint the whole undersea picture that is available with a coral reef full of fish as well as a sunken ship. Also you can avail decals which can be put around the entire room, i.e. on mirrors, furniture, walls and windows.


Try to be creative with the wall art. If you want you can hang fiberglass replicas of different sea creatures. To make a headboard, you will need to use a jigsaw or a saber saw. In fact, the shape of a dolphin as well as a submarine is rather simple. You can also try something that is more difficult, take, for instance, an octopus. You can paint the wood cutouts in case you want to add reality to the room.


Place plastic see creatures on your son’s desk, they can be bought in any model store. But if the owner of the room is a little child, then you can display sea animals on the dresser and bed.

It is not a problem in case you need to save money, you can look for accessories at a thrift store. There you will be able to avail old nautical items that will be ideal for an older child’s bedroom. Do not forget about sea themed prints that also can be hanged and think over repainting old stools, chairs, as well as a desk in order they could match the room.

The best way to make the room busy and keep the accents and walls the central point of attention, is to choose a simple bedding. It is better to look for stripped or solid bedding. Bright greens as well as blues will look great in a room of younger kids. You can also choose navy blue, red and white, in case you want a more sophisticated look. It would be good if the curtains could match the bedding as it will help create a more cohesive look.


If you want to add something more, i.e. interest and color, you can think about throw pillows that are regarded as excellent accents. You can also try yachts or anchors with more subdued colors but for a teenager’s room.


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