Country decorating ideas for your home interior and exterior

Country decorating ideas is one of the many examples of a unique interior and also exterior design that we can try to apply to our house as a design theme. There are several things that makes country design theme different and one of them is of course the unique and also nostalgic theme it offer.

Have you ever feel that you become nostalgic when coming to your grandparents or parent house? Well, if you have ever think about it and feel it then country interior and exterior design theme offer the same appeal which may appealing to some people this day.


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Unique Country interior and exterior decoration theme

Country exterior design theme usually are much more focused on simple but nostalgic feeling. It means that the use of balcony, terrace and also some small lawn and backyard is very much one of the many focal point of this exterior design theme.

The use of color it has also very neutral and also much more vibrant than the modern minimalist design theme. It means the use of white color combined with red color or even green color is very common the country exterior design theme which makes it pretty unique and have its own personality.


On the other hand, the interior design theme are pretty much beautiful with the use of simple and classic interior design theme inspiration. The use of fireplace and also many classic decoration and furniture is the most interesting feature of this interior design.

This means that you need to make sure that there are some space for you because you will be using many space for your decoration and furniture. Of course you can just limit the space use and making it less crowded which makes a good idea for any country interior design in this recent days.

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