How to Decorate Your Home in Victorian Style

Decorate Your Home in Victorian Style – Victorian decorating involves luxury as well as over-abundance. Moreover, the Victorian home décor is popular nowadays. To achieve the Victorian decorating it is necessary to make use of antique accessories along with modern methods. Due to them your house will look outstanding. One can enumerate a number of excellent and creative ideas that will look well in modern homes and at the same time can be adorable in the gracious and traditional Victorian theme.

Walls and Colors
With the help of color tones as well as walls you can give a vintage Victorian style to your modern home. It is advised to use dark colors as well as reds. Do not forget to add something that is available with vintage appeal.

It is better to make use of wallpapers available in an antique style. Also place border sets on the walls. Moreover, you are able to use stenciling as well as paint. If your budget does not allow you to spend a lot of money, you can paint your room. It is advised to use neutral shades. Also it would be ideal to add accents when decorating the room. With the help of warm neutrals, you will be able to diminish the coldness of white.

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Another aspect that should be well considered is flooring. It is possible to add a unique as well as traditional Victorian feel by placing soft area rugs as well as carpets.  Note that you can also add the reproductions or genuine antique rugs even if your budget is shortened. Another good option is wall-to-wall carpet available with a floral pattern. For the bathroom, it is preferable to use small tile floors.

Various accessories will help make Victorian theme outstanding in your house. As a result, your room will become appealing and dazzling as well.  You can opt for old photos, mantle clocks and artwork to match the Victorian décor. Keep in mind that various antique pieces available in abundance can work well in a room. With the help of additional strokes of vintage fabrics as well as vases with flowers, it is possible to add a touch that provides your home with a professional look.

When it comes to light fixtures, probably you want to use appealing as well as stylish ones. In this case you can turn to light fixtures of Victorian theme. Ceiling lights of old fashion available with silk fringe shades as well as scones and table lamps will look great.

It is not always necessary to make use of antique furniture. But you can have a sofa with a reproduction. To achieve the best look, it is advised to opt for curio cabinets and side tables. You can also try to make a combination of modern sofas with side chairs and Victorian cabinets.

Window Treatment
It is also important to dress the windows. It can be done by means of lovely lacy curtains and draperies as well. You can choose velvet curtains or layered drapery. Also you are able to use draped curtains available in different fabrics.


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