Exotic Japanese Garden Design for your Home Exterior

Japanese garden design is one of the most interesting and also stylish garden theme in this modern day. Japan has been known as one of the most exotic and also stylish country with many kinds of interesting cultural value.

The same can also be said with their garden design which offer us a simple but calming design which is pretty suitable for this modern day condition which usually give us stress. Yes, having a garden design with Japanese theme will absolutely makes your life much more relaxing and also giving your home exterior a great garden to be had.


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Tips on making your own Japanese Garden Theme Exterior

First of all, in Japanese garden theme, there are several things that are important to know. Japanese garden tends to go with simple design. However, it does not mean that it will look simple. On the contrary it will looks gorgeous and exotic. Japanese garden will also have interesting flowerbed choices for the decoration.

Using a Japanese themed flower is much preferred than using western flowers based garden. This will make the garden feel more oriental or Japanese in the first place which has become the main objective of this garden theme.



Other than the flower bed choice, we also have the option to make a small pond. Small pond is important in any Japanese garden theme as it will become one of the focal point in your Japanese garden themed design.

This small pond will be bordered by small stone or rocks to give a more natural feel as well a unique bamboo mechanism which we usually seen in several Japanese garden theme. In overall, Japanese style garden is perfect for different kinds of garden size either large or small which makes it a good choice for garden theme this day.


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