How to market yourself on YouTube

The world today has boomeranged into a post-modern, knowledge based information economy, and this rapidly evolving technology driven information age has led to the growth of a variety of digital platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… and YouTube, to name a few. The potential to work, innovate, and earn is no longer restricted to the traditional work life at the office/ home life dichotomy. Platforms like YouTube provide a space where creativity and initiative, if harnessed properly (add to that a little bit of luck) can revolutionize the life of even the most ordinary person.

Martin Kim runs the marketing for a senior living service chicago website and this beginner yoga classes manchester business and says “It is important to keep in mind, however, that there occurs far more misses than hits, as eager hopefuls embark by the dozens on their quest to discover fame and wealth through YouTube. The primary per-requisite for for attaining the much needed views and subscriptions on YouTube is through the use of smart, calculated marketing strategies.”

A definition of Marketing used in Business studies is that marketing is the “science and art of creating, and providing value to fulfill the requirements of a specific market at a profit.” And that is precisely what the ambitious budding Youtuber needs to keep in mind:

1. Find a target market:

Cliff Smith runs a bristol surveyors business and uses YouTube to market his services and says “Explore and understand the ideal demographic range of your target audience. The demographic variables that can be used are: Age group, region, sex, social class, etc. Identify your market.”

2. Create value:

Jane Dillon runs the marketing for this storage manchester business and this online ham gift retailer and says “It is imperative to carve a niche for yourself. Amidst the onslaught of categories, find your area of specialization and gradually build on that. The content you create must offer a level of specialized value that sets it apart from the rest. You want to start a reaction channel? Great… but reacting to what content exactly? Movie trailers? Music Videos? Maybe both? Find the genre that you are comfortable with and explore it further.”

3. Make a profit:

Jack Dyson runs the YouTube marketing for a borehole drilling business and luxury candles store and says “The primary goal of any experimental pursuit is the attainment of profit. Revenue can be generated on YouTube via advertisements. To achieve that, however, first one must develop a level of popularity and credibility. And if all else fails, upload a super cute puppy video and see where that take you.”

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