Kids Bathroom Decor

Kids Bathroom Decor – Quite a large number of parents complain that their children do not brush their teeth long enough. Probably it can be explained by the drab bathroom ace, due to which your child wants to get out faster. In fact, children prefer a space that is tailored specifically for them. So it means that the bathroom should have an appropriate décor. Nowadays one can choose a theme that is able to suit your child. But when decorating, try not to go overboard.  Also several aspects should be taken into account when decorating a bathroom for a child, i.e. independence and safety.

To create a perfect bathroom, it is necessary to make a solid plan. You should choose a particular theme for the wall décor, wallpapers as well as colors to use. It is obvious to take into consideration the safety. Actually, the bathroom can become a place where a lot of accidents can happen. So, when choosing countertops, it would be better to choose rounded edges as well as corners. It will help avoid bumped heads. It is also advised to place the towel racks as they will help prevent climbing attempts. Also it is necessary to mark the hot water faucet clearly in order to avoid accidental scalding. Moreover, it advised to add ‘no slip’ bathroom mats.

Designing the Bathroom
For the bathroom wall décor, it is better to select colorful as well as bright themes. Actually, there are different wallpaper trims that come with cute designs. With the help of a particular bathroom décor, one can get a fun touch. For the younger kids, it is better to choose a project that involves their favorite movie characters or cartoons. If you have a little lady, you can choose a ballet theme which is accompanied with frilly pink accents, different laces as well as ribbons. Do not forget about a princess theme that is available with a castle toothbrush holder and crown waste basket. As for boys, you are able to create a pirate theme or make a cowboy style. For older children, you can choose a beach theme that is complete with shower curtain hooks, flip-flop rugs, as well as wall decals. A good idea will be to use a rock star theme that comes with a rock band shower curtain, guitar toothbrush holder and disco ball lotion dispenser.

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When it comes to color, it is better to choose a neutral as well as light shade. Also you can hang several pictures on the wall. As for accessories, you can place kids bathroom sets. You are also able to choose from a range of the licensed character products, such as soap dishes, toothbrush holders, towels as well as soap dispensers with the help of which you are able to complete a particular theme.

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