Living Room Bookshelf In Your Home

Living Room Bookshelf – Most people have some type of bookcase in their home. Not only are bookcases versatile that are functional and aesthetically pleasing as well.  You don’t need to go all out if you choose to redecorate your home. In fact, changing the look of your bookcase or curating what goes on them is all you need. Here are some tips on how to decorate your wooden bookcases:

Keep it Simple – Don’t try to pack too much. Instead, choose a few accessories per shelf. If you want a nice clean look, try to keep the accessories down to a few colors or try a monochromatic look.

Alternate Your Books – For some visual interest, consider stacking your books vertically and horizontally.  Even think about alternating between stacks of books and accessories for more visual stimulation.

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Beautiful Prints – Think about painting the back of your bookshelves with a contrasting color. Better yet, take some craft paper or wallpaper and use that to cover the back of the shelves.

Creative bookends – Think about using various objects as bookends, such as pieces of pottery, photo frames, glass blocks and even lamps.

Minimalism – Think about alternating your bookshelves between full and empty shelving.

Basketcase – Think about storing your knick knacks and even books in decorative baskets placed on your wooden bookshelves

Other storage accessories – Think about alternating other types of organizers such as magazine holders or pen holders on your shelf.

Photos Galore – Instead of having your shelves hold books, how about displaying a photo gallery instead?

Art Museum – Instead of only photos, consider only displaying pieces of artwork that you’ve collected over the years. It doesn’t need to be limited to paintings. Consider pieces of sculpture you in have in your collection too.

Shapes – Think about using lots of empty picture frames grouped together to create a visual effect.

Rule of Threes – Consider arranging your accessories, books, or photos in groups of three.

Library – Push a bunch of bookshelves against one side of your room to create a focal point.

Boxes and Books – Alternate books and colorful boxes together to create a graphic and colorful pop to your shelves.

Arrange by Type – Arrange items and books by type. For example, if you want to dedicate an entire shelf to books, think about arranging cookbooks on one shelf and comic books on another.  For a photo gallery you can alternate between black and white photos and color ones.  If you want to do accessories, you can alternate between sculptures and paintings.

Height Matters – Think about arranging books according to height or size. You can go from tallest to shortest or alternate between tall and short books. For accessories, you can do the same thing.

Specimens – Consider using lots of glass jars to display small accessories. You can even label the jars

Eclectic Rules – You can just literally plop a bunch of items that have nothing to do with each other on a shelf.

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