Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

With the bath long before the birth of Christ to enjoy, inter alia, Romans, Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese, who also invented the flushing toilet. The ancients were the first to connect a toilet to a separate drainage system.Interestingly, in addition to its primary function, the bathrooms were a meeting place for socializing. In Greece, the marble benches with holes could hold dozens of people and no one will feel shame when odbywanej
Unfortunately, daily hygiene care for looked much worse in the Middle Ages. Sewer  began to spread only from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth  century, when it began mass production of iron and steel pipes. Earlier in the fortified castles of the toilets to serve the most holes in the floor leading to the basement or a moat. Did  not interfere with their inhabitants and visitors in dealing with  physiological needs, wherever possible – even in the fireplaces. Today  it is unimaginable for us as well that all impurities typically poured  through the window at nothing to niespodziewaj?cych walkers.

From the living room bathing
Over the years the nature and the ratio of bathroom hygiene has a profound transformation. In  the nineteenth century emerged from the modern flush toilet bowl and  toilet paper (already replaced by leaves, moss, sponge or silk  handkerchiefs and reusable). In  memory of Poles, in turn, signed up General Felicjan  Slawoj-Skladkowski, who by virtue of their education (a doctor) and in  the interests of hygiene citizens ordered by regulation to build toilets  in rural areas, known from his name “s?awojkami.

lucky with increasing living standards and wealth of our portfolio in  the past, they both leave and common toilets in the houses. To change our habits realized the owners of houses, in which separate bathroom is slowly becoming the standard.

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–  The family housing construction departs from the traditional small  bathroom, a living room for a larger bathing is not only equipped with  shower, whirlpool bath, but also stylish couches and chairs where you  can relax after a hard day. – Andrew Durda says Chief Technical Officer TECE, the producer of smart home technology.

They  help us in this modern sinks, exclusive taps, cisterns, glass buttons,  modern shower systems and even containers for toiletries, which resemble  art more than the items of equipment.In  contrast to the ancient Romans, who used no resistance from the public  baths, bathroom for us, however, became an intimate place where we relax  in solitude.

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