Vintage Kitchen Sinks : Get to Know the Best Choices and Best Treatment

When it comes to choosing vintage kitchen sinks, there are many—too many—choices that sometimes make you overwhelmed. Ranging from the vintage and antique design up to the contemporary vintage, all look good to be installed in your kitchen. If you are about to buy a brand new kitchen sink with vintage style, it is necessary to find out some references. Here we have shortlisted several choices of vintage sinks that will definitely elevate the beauty of your kitchen. Coming from different brands, materials and designs, you need to be really careful in choosing the best one.

Among many kinds of sinks that can be installed in the kitchen, apron front kitchen sinks seems to be a favorite among others. There are many reasons why this sink places top rank of favorite kitchen sinks. First and foremost, apron sink offers convenience and practicality. With the compact design of apron front, you will never feel worry of having too much water splash coming out from the sink. Not to mention it is relatively easy to install. Apron front sink is also available in plenty of designs and materials. Let’s mention stainless steel, marble and copper and many others.

Talking about the product reference of vintage kitchen sinks, particularly the apron front design, there are several brands to mention. Begin with Highpoint Collection apron front kitchen sink collection, there is Bowl Fireclay with Grid and Drain. This kitchen sink is definitely suitable to beauty your vintage kitchen concept. The clean white shade is suitable to be combined with white or grey marble countertop. Another reference will be Hardy Apron stainless steel. Even though it looks more contemporary, it will blend well with your vintage kitchen. Compared to the firstly mentioned reference, this stainless steel sink is available at higher price. Not so surprised to find out this is known as one of the best stainless steel sinks.

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When it comes to material variations, there is another product made from copper. This one of vintage kitchen sinks looks classic with typical appearance of copper. The Sinkology Farmhouse sink comes in 33-inch size which is known as average size of kitchen sink. The antique copper material ensures its durability as well as nice appearance inside your vintage kitchen. With the same material, Premier Copper offers double basin kitchen sink for double functions. It gives you extra convenience in 33-inch copper sink. About the price, copper sink is much more affordable than stainless steel ones.

Among many choices, which one is the best kitchen sink? It is actually quite relative to determine which one is the best since every people have different preferences. If you love to have stainless steel sink in your kitchen, then Hardy Apron will suit you best. On the other hand, Highpoint Collection’s Bowl Fireclay sink will look best in the vintage kitchen since it can boost up the vintage look of your cooking space. On the other hand, if the best means the most affordable, copper kitchen sink should be your decision.

How to Maintain Your Kitchen Sink

Apart from different preference of best sink for vintage kitchen, there is one more important thing to know. Always make sure you know how to maintain the kitchen sink in order to make it looks new at any time. What do you usually do to keep the shine of your sink? Here are several ways that you need to do. First of all, know well the material of the kitchen sink. Knowing the material helps you give the best treatment for the sink itself. Obviously stainless steel sink needs different maintenance from copper or clay sink. That is why you need to know the characteristic of your kitchen sink. Stainless steel material, for instance, should never receive any rough fabric when it comes to wiping or regular cleaning. Or else, you will leave bad scratches on its surface.

Besides, always make sure to use special cleaning agent to clean up the sink. DIY cleaning solution is recommended if you cannot find safe chemicals at stores. Using harsh chemical will give nothing but bad effect to your kitchen sink, no matter material it is made from. For the safest way, make a simple solution of dish soap and warm water to clean up any stain. Make sure not to leave any food debris in the vintage kitchen sinks, too.

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