How To Decorate Wooden Letters

Today we’re going to be learning how to decorate wooden letters this is made out of paper and the backing is made out of wood, you can have it for decoration in your room if you’re trying to personalize today I’m going to be making one for my friend what you’re going to need a wooden letter you find this as Michaels it’s like $2.

99 usually it’s not very expensive but if you want you to stack it with a forty percent off coupon at michaels is always online so be sure to check that out also need an exacto knife hot glue gun rubber cement glue cardstock paper and then a fun print and lastly also need something to measure and cut with I happen to have a cutting board it’s not really necessary for this project but if not you can substitute that with a ruler or scissors.

So let’s get started alright so first thing you’re going to need is your fun paper that you picked out and then your letter what we’re going to do right now is we’re actually just going to make the outline of the background so to ensure that we trace on the correct side i like to place the paper under the letter and then I’ll just flip over the letter and line it up at the bottom and I just take a pencil and i’m just going to trace it alright so now what you’re going to do is you’re just going to cut out the letter be sure to put something down under your table so you don’t scratch it up i have some cardboard with me and I’m just going to the exacto knife and cut out my image alright so now we’ve cut out our design so the next step is that we need to glue it onto the wood letter so this is where the rubber cement glue comes in handy.

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I really like using this glue because it actually prevents bubbling of the paper so i’m pretty easy to use kind of smells bad that’s the only drawback and it’s okay if you get the glue elsewhere because it’s rubber cement glue you can just actually rub literally rub the glue off so i’m just going to spread it everywhere I work kind of quickly this stuff does drive pretty fast so globbed it on so while we wait for the to dry we’re going to start cutting these little tiny pieces of paper and I recommend using card stock just because it’s a little thicker so it isn’t as flimsy or some measure so i would say about half an inch thick for the strips so now that we’ve cut all our strips we are now going to start applying it and this is where the fun part begins get really creative and do all sorts of intricate patterns here close-up of what it looks like how to get these little curls all you need is a pencil and then you take the strip of paper and you literally just kind of curl and wrap so you can curl it to make the shape and you just have fun with it so here’s the finished wooden letter product and this is just a previous examples are really fun craft project.

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