Home Decoration Bathroom Walls and Floor Tiles Design Ideas

Days of boring muted shades as well as white tiles has gone. When decorating your bathroom you are provided with so many ideas. Today one can choose from different tile design ideas. Your bathroom should be planned well like any other room in your house. Actually, design ideas for bathroom floor tile as well as walls are able to range from basic to funky styles.

Design Ideas for Bathroom Floor and Wall Tiles
When decorating it should be taken into consideration that the whole design should not be restricted to the wall tiles. Moreover, it is necessary to apply the floor tile in accordance to the wall tiles. But before choosing among various bathroom tile patterns, think over some aspects.

Tile’s Materials
First of all, decide on the tiles’ material. You are provided with a lot of options, from bathroom tiles made of vinyl to ceramic tile flooring. But do not forget that you can make use of bathroom tile designs made of stone. They come in granite, marble, onyx as well as brick. You can also opt for mosaic bathroom tiles that look really beautiful as wall tiles and bathroom floor.

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Your next step is to plan a color theme which you want your bathroom to have. It is necessary to choose a color that is able to go well with the wall colors. Actually, pastel shades are considered to be a popular choice of many people. You can look for such colors as beautiful pale shades of pink as well as mint green. But try not to overdo with colors. Keep in mind that the bathroom should not be cluttered. Usually, tiles of light colors are used in bathrooms that are of small sizes. Moreover, one should not forget about bathroom lightening, as it plays a significant role.


As a matter of fact, the tile’s size can be altered according to different proportions. It can be used in order to add interesting effects. Also it will be a good idea to choose tile of different colors for the walls and floor.  As they are provided in different sizes, they can create unique patterns if laid in different angles. As an alternative, you can choose specific decorative tiles.

You can take advantage of stencils. Another good idea,  it is to use bathroom murals which can be based on a distinct theme. Children would prefer bright colors along with love cartoons. Look for some flowery designs.


You can also use color contrasts for the tiles. It will work well especially if you have a large bathroom. Usually, large bathrooms welcome high contrast as due to it, one can bring a dramatic effect. With the help of a white tiled background, it is possible to make a balance in the bathroom.

Different textures can also be used for the bathroom tiles. Due to them a beautiful look will be added. In fact, tile textures can be matte, glossy, and have glass effect. They are also available with an uneven surface.


If you use these design ideas for bathroom floor and walls tiles, you will be able to create a different look for the interiors. Remember that a good designed bathroom flooring as well as wall complete the whole look.


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