Home Kitchen Design Tyrolean fashion

Home Kitchen Design Tyrolean fashion. Warm colors, attention to detail and performance are the main characteristics of these environments typical of mountainlocations. Right here are some tips for decorating our kitchen with the magic touch , unique and crafted, where the rustic marries beautifully with the elegance. A friendly place to share pleasant moments with our loved ones and authentic

The Tyrolean design is specifically valuable when we want to give our property that snug feeling of the home. All the furnishings in strong pine wood, finely carved by skilled craftsmen. The wood must be rough, the grain must be the protagonists, and its use has no limits to completely upholster the surroundings of the kitchen , from the furnishings to the walls , from the ceiling to the floor.

wall units, as well as the chairs and the table and the shelves have grooves in the wood in the form of heart or clover, should not miss the bows and trimmings day, the emblem of the Tyrolean fashion. If you do not want to papering the walls with wood we can leave tinteggiarle white or cream colored with a warm tone, will furnish the shelves like lamps: some spot light to help heat the room. Miss a chest of the same wood, perhaps with some soft pillow from the identical cloth curtains or tablecloth.

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Floors favor raw tile of baked rustic and like cotton rugs with abstract motives or actions that reflect the hunt. The curtains of the windows are filled with ruffles designs heart-shaped, adherent to the glass and ideally from the white background and colorful patterns.

towels and potholders brightly colored , squared or lines, give a touch of entertaining and welcoming. Excellent would have some old copper pot or kitchen utensil hanging, make the setting much more rich and the scent of other instances and traditions. Super colorful dishes, pots terracotta-colored glasses will complement your table in Tyrolean design . If you have the possibility do not fail to remember to make your balcony or windowsill flowery or apply some stone insert. Appreciate the originality of a Tyrolean cuisine implies possess furniture of fantastic quality and extended lasting, as nicely as exclusive in their sort since they are produced ​​individually according to the ancient art of carpentry Tyrol.

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