Small Bathroom Style

Small Bathroom Styleh

Small bathroom remodeling project usually means a lot of work and a lot of money. And if you’re like most people, you want your bathroom remodeling ideas and strive to develop some kind of “wow” response. Complete small bathroom makeover can be no question at this time, but peace must be something!

Maybe if he receives in that bathroom, linen closet, or a player in the shower or add a few feet by knocking out the outer walls. Instead, replace and add an idea might be to relax and lighten it. Speed is actually harder than the composite. In other words, small bathroom remodeling, especially visitors to the bath, the illusion of more space can be much smaller than what you have now the project could mean … and “less” can be both labor and money!

There are three things that he was to stay where they are, unless you’re going to spend a lot of money. Washbasin with mirror, bath with shower and toilet, in order of importance. This means that when someone enters the bathroom, usually look at the sink with a mirror, then a bath or shower (in particular, whether there is some nice design element (s) or tile work) and finally in the toilet, which is probably the reason for them going there in the first place!

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So let’s start from the toilet. Do I need to replace? Remember, their dead last in the popularity contest, and most people do not see the difference between $ 500 and WC 100 z?. Criteria for exchange, it is a function, then. Is it something of the old twentieth century with 3-plus gallons color? If it is, and not working properly, or leaks, it can be replaced. But the good news is that toilets are relatively easy to remove and put in search “to replace the toilet.” If its new, white, standard equipment, though, hold off on replacing it until after I explore other areas to rebuild. Want to be the most difficult to play with three toilets and as if his white, works well and is in good condition to hold off on any thought of replacing it as well. Three walls around the bathtub, however, is another matter. You can buy ready-made polystyrene “tub surround” in big boxes, plumbing supply stores and some hardware vendors for around a hundred dollars up. Tile-a beautiful way to surround the tub, in a wide, wide range of styles, colors and sizes, and tile work is fun. White to match the tub or bright colors will bring a bathtub in the twentieth century, and visually expand the room.

If you think about redoing the floor, you should consider using the same plates on both it and the tub surround. Why not use a matching smaller plates to form the floor or, if you are using 12 “tiles, cut some in half and 6″ tiles forming. Simplicity here to add visual space. Add even brighter carpet, and the surface may appear to be larger and softer. Shower door or curtain? Either way, make sure that the colors are bright, clear, or … even clear whether you did a great job of tiles. Simple greater than-you-probably the first thought-mirrors reflect light and add all the great work done as well! Washbasin with mirror is the simplest and most frequently used items and noticed there. Here, the reconstruction budget should be open to ideas. To add a space, get a pedestal sink. For even more space on the wall sink. If you need memory, small, white or soft, colored lights in the bathroom. If the bathroom is fine, maybe the paint and really wild to sink a ship, or other unusual sink / top combination. \

This is where friends and guests will spend their time, so why not spend some money. Wander around a few dealers, plumbing and hardware stores big box home improvement. Paint is always the first thing to consider, though. Keep the “60-30-10 Rule” in mind when buying paint, fabric and accessories. This means that 60% of the predominant color (white or light in this case), 30% other colors (earth tones, pastels, etc.) and 10% Color Accent (Something Wild). Includes shower curtains, rugs and towels.

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