A Storable Pool to Enjoy the Summer at Home

When is much heat and little budget, ground pools are a great way to enjoy the summer with family. Unlike labor, these pools are economical, practical and quick to install.

They are inexpensive and maintenance is mínimoAdemás, maintenance is minimal and can be installed on any land that meets a simple requirements. Today, as pointed Eroski / Consumer, these pools have waterproof coatings and structures of great strength, which in some cases mimic other natural materials. Often sold in a kit that includes all necessary components for installation.

Types of above ground pools

■ inflatable pool. It is the cheapest and easiest to install. This type of pool is aimed at children, so their size and volume is reduced. Lacking a rigid structure, are installed in no time.

■ freestanding pool. It is also inflatable, but stronger than this, since it is made of PVC and have an extruded support. It lacks a rigid structure and an inflatable crown surrounds the top. After filling, the pressure of the water makes up the walls. Its conical shape facilitates installation tasks and, as happens with the inflatable suit most terrain.

■ tubular pool. If you want a larger pool, you can opt for a tubular, depending on the model can reach a volume of up to 35,000 liters of water. Also stand out as being light and easy to carry and store. These pools are made by a liner (PVC fabric reinforced flexible one piece), and overlying the waterproof structure, and a structure which may be tubular or panel perimeter.

■ ground swimming pool. Another option is sought-ground pools with rigid panels, due to its wide variety of sizes, aesthetics and safety, durability and resistance because they are formed by a steel wall and liner. These pools can be installed above ground or partially buried.

■ Wooden pool. They are the most aesthetic, but also are more expensive and require more maintenance. To produce them, are often used treated wood. Its interior is covered with PVC liner and a system that cleans and another filtration.

Assembly and maintenance

Before installing a removable pool, is essential to ensure that the ground is level, firm and strong. The land must be chosen in a sunny, treeless and sheltered from the wind.

You need regular checkups to make sure that everything goes well ensamblado Además, nearby must have an electrical outlet to connect a water purifier and a drain, to drain the pool in comfort and prevent flooding in case of breakage.

You need regular checkups to make sure that all parts are properly assembled and that the pool has no cracks and corrosion points, which may endanger the swimmers.

Regarding the maintenance of water, you need to check the chlorine and pH levels. The chemicals used in ground pools often are made to preserve the natural color of the canvas.

The end of summer

After the bathing season, you have to carefully disassemble the pool, clean and dry all components. The following should be kept in a place free of moisture to prevent fungal growth.

If the characteristics of the pool permit, can be left mounted. If not empty, it is necessary to add a chemical to the water to keep it in good condition. In any case, should be covered with a special canvas pools.



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